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Landfills and specialty contractors can partner with Livegistics to speed up payments and improve collaboration. Everything's better when we work together.

Streamlined workflows
Livegistics makes it easier to provide great customer support at the landifll.
Enhanced Collaboration
Connect online so a driver can easily attach a digital manifest to a load.
Free Software Add Ons
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Livegistics Quick-Lane
Get on the fast side of the scales with Livegistics Quick-Lane.

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“One of my favorite features is the customer service chat feature. It is fantastic! I love that Livegistics' customer service team is always available and are so able to quickly help with anything we need”

Wendy Smith
MPS / Senior Project Manager in the Environmental Division

“Change is difficult, especially in our industry. After having a room full of paperwork and thousands of tickets piled up on our desks. It was time to make a change and start using Livegistics. LTS Trucking is a GAME CHANGER for dispatchers.”

Tony Allen
T.K.M.S - President

“Livegistics elimates all of the unnecessay paperwork. It saves time in the office. It's fantastic that project owners are able to have real-time access to data to make sure the projects stay on track.”

Andrew Tomasits
Estimator & Project Manager / Naralco

“Transitioning from paper to digital was new and very different but it was a necessary change. Now using Livegistics we are able to make decisions a lot quicker and process a lot more data in real time. We plan on continuing to use Livegistics on all of our projects.”

Terry Potter

“Instead of having to go from pen to paper to Excel spreadsheet, Livegistics allows you the freedom and flexibility to manage projects and focus on the job”

Kyle Martin
21st Century Salvage / Project Manager

“For any project involving over 50 manifests, I wouldn't use anybody else. Recently, we hauled 2300-2400 loads, and without Livegistics, it would have taken three banker boxes and an additional field labor person. Livegistics was the only way to go and worked great”

Neil Stamp
President at National Environmental Contracting Inc

Everything you need

Livegistics Quick-lane in action

Our onboarding guides walk through every piece of equipment needed in order to get started with Livegistics. Or, we can set it all up for you.

Carrier Benefits
Dispatchers, accounting and office management can access the program securely from any web browser.
Enhanced Collaboration
Connect to LTS-Manifest so a driver can easily attach a digital manifest to a load.
Dispatch Automation
Dispatch automation when accepting requests from a site foreman when the site is using the Livegistics LTS-Civil Module

Live Truck Tracking

Reduce back office paperwork and phone calls

No more stacks of paper to sort through, or phone calls from drivers. Livegistics allows landfills to sign tickets and manifests from their desk. Meaning no more lines at the scales

Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Speed up all scales

Work Together Easier

Livegistics helps drivers and scale houses work together. Manifests are signed in seconds, meaning your landfill never has a line.

Landfill Management Software | Livegistics, Inc.
Livegistics E-Manifest platform

The ROI of Livegistics

Project stakeholders waste too much time using spreadsheets and paper when the focus should be on improving your bottom line and ensuring your project is on track with a proper digital solution and real-time visibility. Our cost savings calculator helps you understand the ROI that impacts your business; lost tickets, time reconciliation, load optimization and cash flow.

This is a simple tool that shows you the financial benefits that Livegistics can help you capture on day 1!

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Other Savings$0

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Protect Your Reputation With Livegistics

Livegistics helps transporters cover their bases and protect their reputation by providing a complete digital solution for load management.

Real-time load tracking

Stay informed about the status of your loads, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions to optimize your operations.

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Streamlined payment cycles

Automate invoicing, billing, and payments to reduce errors and improve cash flow for your transportation or heavy hauling company.

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Regulatory compliance

Ensure your operations comply with local, state, and federal regulations related to materials transportation and disposal.

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Integrations to push you forward

Livegistics integrates with the tools you already use. Meaning you can get to work faster, and focus on what matters. Click below to see a list of our integrations.

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Product screenshot

I can pull up dispatch anywhere. By Phone, iPad, Laptop; all around. When a customer calls and asks how many loads they've done, I can tell them how many loads have been dropped, how many are loaded, and more without having to spend over 25 minutes asking each driver by radio

Tony AllenPresident / TKMS

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