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T.K.M.S. Trucking, is raving fan of Livegistics!

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Elevating T.K.M.S. through Efficient Digital Solutions: A Story of Transformation

As one of Michigan's foremost material hauling companies, T.K.M.S. has built a powerful legacy over the past 35 years. With a robust fleet of 77 aluminum gravel trains, a dedicated crew of renowned brokers, and an unwavering commitment to stellar service, safety, and punctuality, T.K.M.S. has become a trusted name in the industry.

Operating 24/7 through their internal maintenance department, T.K.M.S. ensures their fleet is always ready to serve their customers. Specializing in hauling limestone, crushed concrete, sand, pea stone, and other aggregate commodities, their services reach Genesee, Lapeer, St. Clair, Livingston, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw, Wayne, and Monroe Counties. The team is equipped to handle any haulage request, regardless of the scale. With T.K.M.S., your hauling needs are just one call away.

A crucial catalyst for this impressive performance is Livegistics' LTS Trucking Software, which has been an absolute game-changer. "Switching to a digital system seemed daunting at first," admitted Tony Allen, T.K.M.S. President. "But the transition to Livegistics has streamlined our processes significantly."

Livegistics has transformed T.K.M.S's operations to digital and on-the-go, replacing heaps of paperwork with an intuitive, streamlined platform. The software enables T.K.M.S. to dispatch services automatically and track their fleet efficiently, thereby improving communication between dispatchers and drivers.

With Livegistics, T.K.M.S. has reaped tremendous benefits:

  • A drastic reduction in paperwork, resulting in an organized work environment
  • Streamlined billing process, increasing efficiency
  • Enhanced communication between dispatch and drivers, boosting productivity
  • Easy management of truckloads for better resource allocation

"I can pull up dispatch anywhere. By Phone, iPad, Laptop; all around. When a customer calls and asks how many loads they've done, I can tell them how many loads have been dropped, how many are loaded, and more without having to spend over 25 minutes asking each driver by radio." Tony Allen T.K.M.S - President

Are you ready to transform your business operations? Don't wait another day! Experience the power of Livegistics' LTS Trucking Software and elevate your business to new heights. Contact us today for a demo and take the first step towards a digital, efficient, and hassle-free future. You'll be wondering why you didn't make the switch sooner. Remember, change isn't just necessary; it's vital for growth. Welcome to the future of logistics, powered by Livegistics.

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